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Sage CRM Project Management

Our Project Managers work directly with Sage CRM end-using companies, bridging the gap between our clients and the technical team. The Project Managers are application specialists and spend the majority of their days in web meetings (using GoToMeeting) with clients. They listen, document solutions, and provide training to help clients maximize their investment in Sage CRM. On the technical side, our Director of Technology, Vivek, and his team handle most of the implementations and customizations.  

Dan Cousins, Project Manager

Dan has been focused exclusively on managing Sage CRM projects, and all that comes with that, since 2004.  Dan has a Business Degree from Acadia University and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

April Braun, Project Manager

April has an extensive background in change management and CRM, having titles including project manager and corporate trainer. She has managed multiple software implementations and specializes in standardized process management. In a previous life, April managed both customer service and purchasing teams. She brings a unique set of business skills and experience to our team. A graduate of marketing from Ohio University, April now lives just outside of Charlotte, NC. Beyond helping companies improve their systems, April is very crafty.

Sheila Campolieto, Project Manager

Sheila’s background is in human resources with a focus in operations. Her previous roles include recruiting, affirmative action planning, process improvement, and training. She has made the switch to a more technical role with us and is successfully taking on new projects and helping to improve our processes internally. Sheila has her MS in Human Resources Development and BS in Organizational Management. In addition to her full-time job here, she is the PTA Treasurer for her son’s school, enjoys making jewelry, and loves hiking in her hometown of Rochester, NY.

Vivekanandan Ravindran, Director of Technology

Vivek is our IT/software executive and has 15 plus years of experience in development, implementation, technology consulting and project management. He manages our technical services team and is the lead architect for all our Sage CRM implementations. Vivek’s deep understanding of Sage CRM allows each of our clients to customize their instance to meet their specific business needs. He also enjoys traveling and is an avid photographer.

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