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Sage CRM Project Management

Since opening for business in 2004, managing Sage CRM projects has been the exclusive focus of DCAA. We do not sell or support any other Sage applications. This singular focus over the past 14+ years gives us a unique and experienced perspective.  

Dan Cousins, Project Manager

Dan documents and manages all of our projects. He has a degree in Business Administration and is recognized in the Sage community as the best Sage CRM project manager in North America.  14+ years and 250+ projects, Dan has developed a pattern for working with clients that minimizes the risk of failure commonly associated with a CRM initiative.

Vivekanandan Ravindran, Director of Technology

Vivek (pr. Veevay) has a Masters degree in Computer Applications (MCA) and has been developing with Sage CRM for over 10 years. Vivek manages the technical services team and all technical aspects of our projects.


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