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Technical Associates

Beyond our internal team of Sage CRM technical experts led by Vivek, our projects can involve external technical resources from the Sage community.  Below is a list and brief descriptions of some groups that can get involved in our projects.

The CRM team at Greytrix assists us in many ways.  Greytrix is the largest Sage CRM development partner in the global Sage CRM community.  We normally engage Greytrix for any data conversions and we often use their integrations with accounting systems.  I am particularly fond of Greytrix’s integration with Sage 100.

CRM Together is a leading development partner for Sage CRM.  We often use their Crystal Viewer, MobileX, and Accelerator solutions in our projects.  We use MobileX and Accelerator internally as well.

Basil Malik, Malik Inc., seems to be the most talented individual in the Sage CRM community when it comes to Sage’s version of the Sage 100 integration.  Basil is a tenacious consultant and we are lucky to count him as one of our associates.  Basil is brought in to any of our projects that involve the default Sage 100 integration.

FitzPatrick Controllership & Administrative Services Inc. (FCAS).  We designed the integration to the CDN edition on Sage 50 in conjunction with FCAS.  The FCAS development team manages that integration component of our Sage 50 CDN projects.

David Gelula, Gelula Consulting.  David is a man of many talents. For our projects that involve the integration between Sage CRM and Sage 300, David is normally brought in to configure and/or troubleshoot the integration.

The Sage CRM support department is an instrumental part of our system.  Just like end using companies, we also sometimes need to call support.  Whether it is to report what might be a bug or get an informed opinion, the support team is extremely important to us.

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