Sage CRM X3 Integration

The default integration between Sage CRM and X3 published by Greytrix.  This integration is sold around the world throughout the Sage X3 community.  The integration includes bi-direction, real-time integration with the following key functions:

  • Users can view customer records
  • New Customers can be promoted from Sage CRM to Accounting
  • From the customer record in Sage CRM, we can view order and invoice history and purchasing patterns
  • CRM users can create Quotes and Orders that leverage inventory
  • Approved Orders can flow directly into Enterprise Management’s Order Entry

Not only is CRM a more practical environment for customer-facing staff, but using CRM results in fewer users requiring direct access to Enterprise Management.

Consider too that Greytrix and My CRM Manager offer a very competitive subscription rate for a hosted Sage CRM solution that can connect to your instance of X3.