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Sage 50 CRM / Integration between Sage 50 (Peachtree) and Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a world class communications system that helps organizations streamline how they process information.   One of the significant differences with Sage CRM is that it is a web-based application but installed on the client’s server.   This allows Sage CRM to be much more configurable than other leading systems.  Key strengths include this overall flexibility and Sage CRM’s incredible workflow engine.

Sage 50 clients can have a meaningful integration with Sage CRM.  The highlights and the brief video below provide an outline of the Sage 50 / CRM integration.   Additional videos outlining key features of Sage CRM can be found from the Sage CRM navigation tab of this website.

  1. Displays Year-To-Date Sales compared to Last Year-To-Date Sales,
  2. Displays the Date of the last Invoice
  3. Shows a listing of Order OR Invoice history
  4. User can see line item details for historical Orders OR Invoices

The integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM was developed by Dan Cousins & Associates Inc. in conjunction with Sage using the software developer’s kits (SDKs) for both Sage CRM and Sage 50.  It is a 1-way, read only integration wherein Sage 50 is updating Sage CRM every 24 hours.  Beyond the features listed above, the integration allows you to connect multiple companies in Sage 50 to a single company record in Sage CRM.

The Sage 50/CRM integration is provided as an add-on subscription.  Sage CRM user licenses, installation and training services are sold separately.  It is strongly recommended that end using companies acquire adequate training and assistance at the onset of their deployment of Sage CRM.

Companies that deploy Sage CRM typically use it to manage information and activities for 8 or more staff members (users).   A guideline for what organizations typically spend to deploy Sage CRM can be found at this link.








A listing for the Sage 50 integration with Sage CRM is also found on the Sage Top Resellers Website.

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