Extending the default Sage 100 / Sage CRM integration

Sage 100 offers an out-of-the-box integration to Sage CRM.  Effectively, this allows CRM users to launch Sage 100 screens from within Sage CRM.  But be aware that we can extend the integration to do much more.

Add valuable Sage 100 measurements to the Sage CRM Company summary screen

It can be very practical for CRM users to view key Sage 100 data directly on the Sage CRM company summary screen.  In this example (image below), we are displaying YTD, LYTD, preceding YTD, etc. as well as the date of the last transaction.  These are just examples but – you can use your imagination.  Displaying these key values in a place that can’t be missed will make your staff smarter.

Connect the progression of an order (or quote) in Sage 100 to the Sage CRM workflow

Here is another example (image below), if you have watched any of our other videos, you might know that I’m a super fan of Sage CRM’s workflow engine.  And I’m also a big fan of turning Sage CRM into an order processing system.  Sage’s default integration allows your order entry staff to create orders right from Sage CRM.  When you do this, you can create a Sage CRM opportunity on-the-fly.  However, by default, the Sage CRM opportunity workflow does not reflect the progression of that order once it hits Sage 100.  But we can fix that.  If you want your opportunity workflow to get updated when the Sage 100 quote becomes an order or when that order in Sage 100 ships – we can make these changes in Sage 100 automatically update the opportunity workflow in CRM.

These were just 2-examples of modifying the default integration.  If you are interested in taking your Sage 100 / Sage CRM integration to the next level, now you know you can.