Sage CRM / Sage 100 Integration

Connecting Sage CRM with Sage 100 means we can provide customer-facing staff with the option to view accounting data and create orders through Sage CRM.

Please note that there are 2 very different options for setting up the integration, the first option is published by Sage and the second option is published by a development partner called Greytrix. Here at My CRM Manager, we strongly endorse the version of the integration published by Greytrix.  It is far more robust, faster, more flexible, and easier to support.  The information we are providing on this page refers to the Greytrix version of the Sage 100 to CRM integration.  A 2-minute video comparing the 2 integrations can be launched from this page.

Below is a 2-minute video which highlights the user experience with the Sage 100 and Sage CRM.

Key features of the integration include:
-Full bi-directional integration
-The information passing between the 2 systems is in real-time
-Users to Sage CRM can have access to Sage 100 data from within Sage CRM – wherever and whenever they log into Sage CRM
-Customer and Vendor integration
-Ability to define user access rights to Sage 100 data
-Users in Sage CRM do not require a license for Sage 100

From Sage CRM, users have the ability to
-Convert/promote companies in Sage CRM to customers in Sage 100
-View Order and Invoice history from Sage CRM
-Create new quotes and orders using Sage CRM’s quoting features that populate Sage 100
-Promote orders from Sage CRM to Sage 100
-Lookup Inventory quantities

When setting it up we can choose to import not only customer and vendors but also import products and price lists. This allows us to use all of CRM’s internal quoting related functionality.

On approval, orders created in CRM pass over to Sage 100 to be invoiced. But beyond processing orders, users can see a lot of other valuable financial information. Notice all of these accounting-related tabs that display in the context of a company. With the Greytrix version of the integration, users do not need to be on the local area network in order for it to work. This Greytrix option has more security features, is flexible, and can be modified.

Not only is CRM a more practical environment for customer-facing staff, but using CRM results in less staff requiring direct access to Sage 100.