Your best option for integrating Sage CRM with accounting

One of Sage CRM’s key differentiators is the ability to integrate with Sage accounting systems.  Sage CRM integrates with all of the primary Sage accounting solutions sold in North America.  In the left-hand margin of this screen, you can learn more about these integrations – they are not all the same.

At My CRM Manager, we have clients that integrate with all of these Sage solutions (50, 100, 300, EM).  We manage the CRM side as well as the integration and your Sage accounting partner is responsible for the accounting system itself.  We do not sell or support any Sage accounting systems instead, we focus on Sage CRM exclusively and the integrations.

Please note that we do not sell or support any of these accounting applications.  Rather we focus on Sage CRM and work in tandem with those companies that service accounting applications (when required).