November 2018

What is Sage 50: Key Features You Should Know

We know there are a lot of accounting solutions out there and it can be tough to know which one is right for you. We are here to help! Read on to learn more about Sage 50cloud Accounting and its key features.

The Software is Easy to Use

The Sage 50cloud accounting platform has an easy-to-use interface, simple dashboards and a professional reporting system. The system allows you to keep customer data organized, accessible, and searchable in one central location. Consequently, clients who use Sage 50cloud can simultaneously access and edit the same files from remote locations. If your company has multiple offices, a central location to find customer data is key.

Data is Backed-Up Offsite

Sage 50cloud offers automated data back-ups to the cloud, allowing clients to retrieve historical data and the ability to undo data entry errors.

Your Data is Secure

Sage 50cloud takes extensive measures to make sure information on the platform is secure. The cloud hosting provider will encrypt the data using specific technologies, firewalls, and back-up power supplies. Most noteworthy, data is regularly backed-up and stored on multiple servers, consequently reducing the chance of data breach.

Its Features Save Time & Money

With Sage 50cloud Microsoft Outlook contacts can be synced, purchases and expenses can be recorded, and quotes and proposals can easily be converted to sales orders and invoices. Additionally, clients can customize dashboards in a way that is easy to understand and interpret business performance. Sage 50cloud also has built-in checks and balances to make sure financials are accurate and available anywhere at any time.

Sage CRM

This is where we come in and can help… Sage CRM is a powerful web-based application that can automate the way you do business AND be integrated with Sage accounting solutions. We have been managing Sage CRM projects and integrations exclusively for over 14 years. In fact, we developed the integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM in conjunction with Sage, using the software developer’s kits (SDKs) for both Sage CRM and Sage 50. Companies that deploy Sage CRM typically use it to save and track information, activities, sales, products, orders and more using its workflow engine. Imagine being able to do all that and manage your accounting procedures in one system!

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