funding for sage crm training

Funding for Sage CRM Training

Recently one of DCAA’s new clients applied for a grant from the government for Sage CRM training. As your company gears up for growth, you should be aware that funding for Sage CRM training may be possible through a program like WIPSI (Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive) and other government funded programs.

Here are two incredibly valuable resources you can use when applying for a grant for Sage CRM training:

  • Sample WIPSI Application For CRM Training
  • Sample Sage CRM Training Proposal and Plan

Note: All confidential information has been redacted from the above resources.

Here’s the scoop.

Most of the provincial governments in Canada and states in the U.S. have a similar workplace innovation and productivity skills program to WIPSI. These programs encourage employers to improve productivity, increase innovation, and foster workplace diversity. Employees benefit because they are introduced to new technology, machinery, equipment, or work processes that provide employees with transferable skills. Governments benefit from these programs because they are meant to increase inter-provincial and international competitiveness.

It’s matter of finding or identifying these government funded programs that can be accessed for funding. So, how do you find these programs?

1. Start with WIPSI.
2. Google “YOUR PROVINCE” or “YOUR CITY” + “Workforce Funding Program”
3. Google “YOUR PROVINCE” or “YOUR CITY” + “Workforce Innovation Program”
4. Google “YOUR PROVINCE” or “YOUR CITY” + “Productivity Skills Incentive”

These simple Google searches should reveal some additional government funded programs that assist growing companies with finding funding for Sage CRM training.

The WIPSI program is one of a few government funded programs that can be accessed for funding. To explore other grant and funding options, check in your local area for the best fit for the company and the project.

Managing Sage CRM projects is the exclusive focus of DCAA.  This singular focus over the past 12+ years gives us a unique and experienced perspective. We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.  Contact us today!