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Sage CRM is different

Sage CRM is different than other top tier CRM applications.   While Sage CRM is a web-application, it is physically installed on servers that the client either owns or controls.  So, clients have a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing the application.  While it is a CRM, it is also a web-development platform.  You can readily apply all kinds of tweaks and adjustments to Sage CRM that other CRMs either simply cannot allow for or make difficult.  This includes managing non-typical CRM information or integrating with another database or application.  Sage offers integrations with the line up of Sage accounting solutions but really you can integrate it with any system that is ODBC compatible.  The single most powerful feature of Sage CRM is its ability to control processes.  Sage’s workflow engine and escalations features are very flexible and, when used properly, pretty much guarantee the success of a CRM strategy.  

If you are new to Sage CRM, below is a short (4 min) video introduction.

Sage CRM is a web-based application, but also a powerful platform that can be easily integrated with other databases or applications.  Whether your requirements are basic or very sophisticated, Sage’s easy to use interface make it a great option for your ongoing CRM strategy.

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