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Planning for your Sage CRM project

The truth is, most CRM initiatives fail.  It’s not an issue with Sage, it’s an issue with CRM projects in general and it usually boils down to poor planning resulting in lack of adoption.  But lack of adoption is 100% avoidable with a solid plan and approach.

The 2-minute video below explains how we organize our projects and how long these projects take.  ADDITIONALLY, this video clarifies the resources your organization will need to for your project to be successful.   Beyond actual users, you will need

  • Delegates from your company to participate in the design process
  • You will need to define a point person, to help with training and support issues
  • And your IT team must be clear on what is expected of them and cooperate. While your IT team will not be installing Sage CRM, they will need to (1) prepare the environment, (2) provide us with proper access, and (3) fulfill a couple of IT related tasks after Sage CRM has been installed

It is in our best interest that your project is successful, and over the years we have developed a pattern that works.  While every project is unique and the schedule and plan are both flexible, we certainly go into every project with a plan.

Normally, we are ready for go-live somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks with the entire project running between 90 to 120 days.

Dan Cousins
President & Sage CRM Project Manager


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